Infinity Real Estate acts as a developer for its own account and on behalf of its partners.

The Company has extensive experience with ground up development and re-development of properties, and has established a systematic and tightly controlled process to manage the development process, from planning to construction and lease-up. Infinity brings to bear the resources of its construction, leasing, and management subsidiaries to all its investments. Our development approach is built on three distinct areas of expertise:

  • Design & Planning Expertise: Infinity Real Estate’s management team has significant experience with building design, and works with a preferred team of architects, engineers, and building system design consultants to ensure tight control of design ideas and design documentation.
  • Construction Expertise: Infinity Real Estate has developed strategic alliances with local builders in each of its core markets. This “loose-tight” integration of construction expertise within Infinity’s ecosystem gives the Company (i) early insights into the opportunities and risks associated with our redevelopment scope, (ii) superior control over construction cost budgeting and variability, and (iii) greater efficiency in reacting to changes during the building production process. Despite these advantages, we believe that development project must include larger contingencies than are often underwritten by developers – all of our project budgets reflect this belief.
  • Lease-Up Expertise: Infinity Real Estate has always achieved substantial pre-leasing of its projects before incurring large amounts of risk capital. The Company also has numerous tenant relationships to leverage for its retail and office redevelopment projects. Infinity has close working relationships with many S&P 500 tenants, as well as national, regional and local leasing agents that work on its behalf within a local market.
What Sets Us Apart
  • Innovation: Creative concepts, innovative spaces, well designed buildings.
  • Flexibility: We adapt to unforeseen events and can manage variability in the development process.
  • Discipline: Unwavering focus to achieve our goals.
  • Execution: We deliver on our promises, and measure ourselves by our results first.