Infinity Real Estate acts as a developer for its own account and on behalf of its partners.

For more than a decade Infinity Real Estate has been developing hotels in New York City and Miami. With a team dedicated to excellence, Infinity’s experience involves both boutique and traditional hotels. We consider ourselves opportunistic hospitality real estate investors with a collective goal to acquire, reposition and develop highly sought after hotels and resorts in major metropolitan areas. We seek to incorporate the best of eco-conscious design and sustainable architecture, together with extraordinary comfort and an unrivalled level of service into each of our properties. The company’s mission is to achieve optimal risk adjusted returns for its investors who are seeking long-term capital investments.

Infinity Real Estate has assembled a highly accomplished team who share an innate passion to create a one-of-a kind portfolio of timeless assets. Collectively, the team is able to achieve this goal by drawing upon their diverse and multi-disciplinary backgrounds, spanning investment management and hospitality operations. Infinity continues to grow its portfolio of luxury lodging investments, firmly establishing the group as visionary leaders in the lifestyle-driven investment industry.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Location: Site selection is a critical part of our business approach as we seek to counterbalance each location’s demand dynamics with the unique qualities of the property. We generally seek hotel sites located in the very best locations within the strongest lodging markets.
  • Customization: We customize our hotels — from design to services — to reflect each project’s location, brand and market positioning. This means whether it’s a new construction project or an adaptive reuse of a historic structure, our team knows how to bring a high-quality, unique guest experience at the targeted price point.
  • Operating Expertise: Unlike many of our peers in the real estate development and investment sector, Infinity is experienced in hotel management having successfully operated our portfolio of hotels. This capability provides us with significant proprietary investment opportunities. It also ensures that Infinity’s hotel investments are operated with a service quality and cost-efficiency only possible through “hands on” self-management.