Infinity Real Estate pursue value-add real estate investments in major U.S. markets.

Investment Profile

  • Under-performing asset Acquisition, Redevelopment, Re-leasing and Repositioning, as well as land acquisition and Ground-Up Development.
  • Near term value creation opportunities with strong mid-term cash flow potential, and clear long-term capital appreciation.
  • Focus on urban areas or suburban core locations with proximity to rooftops, amenities, jobs, and mass transit hubs.
  • Target hold periods of five years or more, and seek to capitalize on long term demand trends.
  • Achieve project level minimum pre-tax equity internal rates of return of 15.0%, using 60%-70% debt leverage.
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Regional Market Focus

IRE is a New-York based operating real estate company focused on key U.S. property markets. IRE’s current regional focus includes:

  • The Northeast and Mid Atlantic corridor (ie. New York, Boston, Washington MSAs),
  • Southeast growth markets (ie. Miami and Atlanta MSAs),
  • Key Midwest and Mountain State markets (ie. Chicago, Denver, North West Arkansas)
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Property Types

  • Office (urban office buildings, multi-story suburban style office campuses)
  • Retail (neighborhood shopping centers, retail power centers, and stand alone retail sites)
  • Residential (multi-family rental apartment properties, mixed-use urban properties)
  • Hospitality (urban full service hotels and upscale limited service hotels)
  • Logistics (warehouse space, distribution centers)
  • Specialty (parking lots, gas stations etc.)
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Deal Size & Structures

  • IRE’s individual investments typically range between $10 million and $100 million gross.
  • Investments across the capital structure (equity, mezz, preferred, and high yield first mortgage).
  • IRE makes acquisitions on its own, in institutional joint ventures, or in strategic co-managed ventures.
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Initial Due Diligence Document List

The following is the information and documentation we generally request to review a potential real estate acquisition. We ask that as much of this information be provided in the early stages of our review in order to ensure an efficient opportunities make efforts to provide as much of the below as possible.

Physical Property Information

  • Property’s Physical Description (construction type, building systems, envelope).
  • Site Plan and Building Floor Plans (small size, or in Adobe pdf form).
  • Property Photographs (all building sides, site surroundings and views as applicable).
  • Property’s Historical Highlights (Year Built, Date of Last Renovation, Recent Capex Spending).
  • Disclosure of Noteworthy Environmental or Engineering Issues to be Diligenced.

Tenant & Customer Information

  • Tenant Rent Roll and Leasing / Stacking Plan (for leased commercial properties).
  • Tenant Sales Volumes (for Retail Properties) and Business Description.
  • Tenant Lease Abstracts (if available), or Lease Term Summaries (for commercial properties).
  • Lease Expiration / Roll-Over Schedule over next ten years.
  • For Hotels, Current Year Marketing Plan, Group Booking Pace, and Reservation Reports.

Financial Information

  • Proposed Purchase price if any.
  • Historical Operating Cash Flow Statements (last three fiscal years).
  • Prepared Financial Forecasts, including ARGUS Models (if available).
  • Terms of Existing Financing including Sub-Lease/Assignment Rights and any Prepayment Penalty.

Market Information

  • General Overview / Analysis of Market Area, with Demographics, Jobs, Employers, Drivers etc.
  • Location Map, with Local Destination Points, and Competitive Property Location Map.
  • Summary Report on Market Rents and Competitive Dynamics in the Sub-Market.
  • List of Competing Properties.
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